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Hello there.

Nice to meet you.


As a reporter and writer, I love to learn new things, so anything I write — whether it's a blog about a small mountain town or a feature about a major metropolitan city — is fun for me. I like to think that interest and energy comes through in my work.

I landed a job as a reporter right out of college and spent nearly eight years working for two daily newspapers in Northern Colorado. I loved being a muckraking, watchdogging, whistle-blowing city government reporter, but I also frequently wrote features of the warm-and-fuzzy variety.

In 2010, my husband's employer offered to transfer him to a new job in Los Angeles. We figured it was worth a shot, so we packed up the car, grabbed the cats and away we went.

Before we had even crossed the California state line, I was hired as an online editor for a business-to-business news service. The company brought me on to research and build its newest sector: alternative energy. As much as I enjoyed learning about the alternative energy industry, I missed writing on a daily basis. I eventually left the job to start my own freelance career and to work on my personal writing projects.


After three-plus years in L.A., we decided to return to Colorado. We loved the amazing weather and incredible food in Los Angeles, but it was difficult to envision our future in such an expansive (and expensive) city. So, we did it again: loaded the truck, grabbed the cats and returned to Denver, where we're much colder but spend slightly less time in traffic.

This is Los Angeles.

This is my cat in Los Angeles.

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